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Personal Profile

  • Hydrometallurgical specialist for refractory metals with focus on Molybdenum, Rhenium and Tungsten.
  • Extensive experience and skills in solvent extraction, ion exchange, crystallization, precipitation, calcination, reduction and ore processing technologies.
  • Profound expertise in application engineering, development of customized product solutions and closed-loop recycling concepts.
  • Expert for product and process development, process audits, trouble-shooting, continuous improvement, statistical process control and process cost reductions.
  • Deep knowledge in the refractory metals market including primary and secondary raw materials and products.
  • Networking in the global conversion and recycling market.
  • Hands-on personality with a strong focus on processes, target-oriented, structured, straightforward, excellent learning aptitude, quick grasp of complex technical issues. Open minded, friendly, easy to get on with.

Patent List

Title Publication number Publication date
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Sauerstofhaltiges Molybdänmetallpulver sowie Verfahren zu dessen Herstellung AT90242 (T) 15.06.1993



Professional Experience

1971 – 2014 A career of 43 years with H.C. Starck in Goslar at different positions
2013 – 2014 Senior scientist R&D in the knowledge and innovation management team
2006 – 2013 Senior manager application engineering. Head of the catalyst application laboratory. Global responsibility for technical customer support in the catalyst industry. Core area: development of customized recycling solutions from spent catalysts and off-grade raw materials to high grade chemicals.
1998 – 2002 Participation and since 2001 head of an international joint development team, focusing on alternative Molybdenum raw material sources and new processing technologies.
1995 – 2006 Quality management representative and plant laboratory manager at the H.C. Starck Business Group Hardmetal, Mill Products and Chemicals (HMC). Process documentation, plant audits, implementation of statistical process control in chemical processes.
1991 - 1995 Laboratory manager of the Mo/Re/Co/Ni plant laboratory. Responsible for analytics, product development and process improvements including process scale up from lab to plant.
1974 – 1990 Laboratory assistant in the Mo chemicals plant laboratory. Core activity product and process development. Main focus on solvent extraction, ion exchange and crystallization technologies.


1992 - 1994 Engineer of Analytics and Spectroscopy at Leipzig University, Institute of Analytical Chemistry (correspondence degree course of study)
1989 – 1992 State-Certified Chemical Engineer (Chemietechniker) at ILS, Institut für Lernsysteme, Hamburg (correspondence degree course of study)
1971 – 1974 Chemical Laboratory Worker apprenticeship at H.C. Starck, Goslar


  • Recycling Metals from Industrial Waste
  • Basics of Business Administration, Improving Financial Performance
  • Professional Acting in Customer Contacts, Sales Trainings
  • Project Management
  • Quality Management
  • Statistical Process Control for Chemical Processes
  • Leadership, Communication, Cooperation, Conflict Management
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Lean Management
  • Legal Foundations (e.g. operational obligations/duties/permits, labor law, waste management, contract law, chemicals law, REACh)
  • Occupational health and safety


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